Measures include:
  • A new gazebo in the garden to enable sheltered outdoor meeting - we are aiming to balance good ventilation with protection from the elements.Markings on the floor to remind people to keep the 2m rule
  • Clear markings to remind people to keep physical distance. This is on the walkways (pictured right) and also taped markings for groups on the floors.
  • A new screen at the coffee bar for when it reopens to protect staff, volunteers and customers .
  • An opening up of the main space and a lovely shiny polish on the floor!
We are undergoing a phased reopening, so the centre is not fully open as yet. But any visitors are asked to wear face coverings (if they are able to) and, as usual, there is plenty of hand sanitiser around the building. We also have the test and trace app QR code displayed prominently for group leaders and visitors to use. Alternatively details must be given at reception.
If you have any queries, comments or concerns then please do get in touch. Working together as a community is making this possible and we can't tell you how much we appreciate your support and cooperation. Thank you!